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Cosmopolitan tribute. Urban elegance. Metropolitan welcome. Rediscovered modernity.

Cosmopolitan tribute

Modern and linear shapes, warm and cool tones, brilliant details. Your kitchen in a true cosmopolitan style of the collection Anna. It expresses the refined taste for who love travel and feel at home in every part of the world. The free volume that receives your daily discovery desire.

Urban elegance

The perfect fitting of kitchen in harmony with space. For who loves the urban style and appreciates the elegance of its linear nature. Anna proposes the perfect combination of the concrete tones and warm wood grain. The flawless modular kitchen that brings balance into your days.

Metropolitan welcome

Underground shades branch off the rooms of your home. The wall units and the Anna’s complements run through the walls of the kitchen embracing all spaces of the living area bringing elegance, style and volume to the rhythm of your everyday life. The metropolitan language that brings energy into your home.

Rediscovered modernity

A blast in the past brings inspiration and recovers the original character of the industrial era in Anna’s room, your kitchen. Compact forms, linear arrangements give your mind the serenity of an organized style, and turn on the stove of your imagination. The perfect arrangement reinventing modernity in your kitchen.