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Modern tradition

Innovative in design, warm and hospitable in nuances. The finishes are striking and the colors are pleasant with tones that refer to the earth and conviviality. The soft shades of the Pet cannetè Honey door and the Jaipur Red of the large island masterfully lead clean lines with unique details.

Harmony of spaces

A game of doors and depth. The Slice creates pleasant and symmetrical geometries that streamline the furniture and open it to space. A wall-mounted kitchen that lights up the room, with delicate volumes but decisive in its functions: with a led lighting strip and large sink, perfectly integrated into the long worktop.

Color innovation

A kitchen that is easy to customize thanks to Slice, the innovative geometric detail of the doors and drawers. The comfortable peninsula outlines the shape, creates lightness and makes movement easier. The contrasting cabinets are all in Fenix Bloom material: the ecological resin, green in its soul and in its processing. Dynamic and minimalist, Arya is a tasteful combination of technology and modern colours.

Contemporary style

Strongly geometric and solid in shape, but tender and cordial in the soul. Dark and modern tones intertwine with the natural shades of the Pet cannetè Brown doors, creating a completely new industrial chic composition: practical, stylish, versatile. On the large island, the Gola line carves its profile, highlights its volume and designs its appearance with refined elegance.


Laminato Fenix Opaco

Laminato Fenix Bloom Opaco

Pet cannetè