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Free tenderness. Home of sweetness. Desire of taste. Romantic hug.

Free tenderness

Natural details warm the environment, refined finishes organize space. This Clio composition is ready to accommodate you in a unique space and to give a sense of tenderness to your home. Designed for those who love freedom and romance in dreams and reality. The perfect revelation of the home of your dreams.

Home of sweetness

Tiny colors fill the environment by leaving to the linear narrative of your spaces all the beauty of their organization. Vertical surfaces frame the environment in a hug of material ready to enhance the colorful details of your kitchen tools. Clio is for you that you are a balance loaded with kindness. A caress of gentleness in dialogue with your inner calm.

Desire of taste

A firm character is on the surfaces of your kitchen to respond to the desire for a refined and elegant environment. For you who choose the distinction and the taste, Clio shows itself in his rigor and the practicality of his capacity. Gourmet among your walls.

Romantic hug

Clio’s most romantic white&black collection. An exclusive line that propagates in all directions giving the environment a character of exclusivity and prestige. For you that dream an environment in the center of your home. The first sweet space of your days.



Laquered with mark

Laquered Shabby