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Natural feeling of elevation. Equilibrium’s sensations. Expression of materials. Evolution’s spirit.

Natural feeling of elevation

Full and empty spaces, pending elements and natural finishes. Designed for those who love dreaming elevating thoughts clouds. Giorgia gives shape to the quiet of your home. The perfect dialogue between the island and wall cabinets expresses the absolute balance of its identity. A synthesis parallel forms and symmetric geometries. Your kitchen concept, literally.

Equilibrium’s sensations

Rigorous lines, determined volumes, woody surfaces.
It is the minimalist composition for those who love living in environments full of balance. With Giorgia, the order of the forms blends with the finish warm tones, to release the natural vibes of larch. Linear but original, Giorgia expresses its character in the volumes and in the rhythmic composition his wall cabinets. The fellow who gives shape to the spirit of your kitchen.

Expression of material

Solid and strong. Like a larch taking shape from its roots in a combination of full and empty spaces. Giorgia’s architecture draws your environment and welcomes you with a woody hug. Expression of modernity destined to become a classic.

Spirit of evolution

Dynamic line, solid structure, exclusive colour tone. The contemporary composition of your space comes alive with Giorgia which interprets the elegance of your style. The natural finish accompanies the details of each corner which stays connected with the rest of its structure thanks to the balance of the wall units. The evolution harmony takes shape in your kitchen.