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A classical kitchen concept that follows contemporary life style: main characteristics are optimize of the spaces, attention to details, functionality of the elements and complete customization.

Giulia Bianco

The brand new classic style: solid ash-wood door high thickness (24 mm.) joins with lightness of white milk finishing. Chromed handle is fitted for a project updated and timeless, never unfashionable. An accurate project is complete in each detail: ending items are with open frame, shelves in glass, plinths and mouldings are joined in the door finishing, open space in the wall-cabinets are decorated with shaped filler band.

Giulia Moro

Customized color: every kitchen is one and only, mixing the Giulia white milk with Giulia color Moka finishing.
Top Caffè and base white milk is perfectly matched to the glass doors painted color Mcaffè, availables in 22 different finishings. Elegant is the Worktop one-color Moka.

Giulia Crema

ew shades for the warmth of the wood: Cream finishing makes important and renews the classic style of the model.
Handmade and technological: worktop Okite box absolute white and satin-finished glasses, for a dynamic kitchen, double-flap door opening wall-cabinets make easier the food preparations.
Welcome guests stylishly in a optimized kitchen room: wide and open island composition with big baskets, reduced bases fitted as TV holder or for open-space area.

Giulia Miele

Interesting is the new honey color finishing, Giulia color is designed as flexible and with space capacious in the items. The professional cooking island is the same as old ones, with precious Barazza hood, this is the heart of the room and in harmony with finishings, as the important worktop Okite box dark grey. All that you need for cooking well and com- fortably; functional lighting led under plinth and useful under cabinet with shelves for any use.