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A new definition of kitchen.


Idea allows you to choose among a wide range of materials, colours and finishes. The kitchen therefore becomes the heart of the house, the perfect place to share and plan every moment of everyday life. Sira provides an high quality selection, as well as the functional advantage of durable modern materials.

Oak Idea

The oak veneering gives a natural look to the kitchen, characterized by the horizontal wood grain. It’s a material that adapts perfectly to all kinds of environments and offers quality of ever-rising value. The possibility of choosing from new sample colours other than the 16 current ones, gives you the ultimate finishes choice.

Lacquared Idea

Idea kitchens in lacquered finishes are bright and classy. The available finishes are brushed glossy, matt, or metallized. Besides the 12 current colours, it is also possible to choose among the sample ones. All varnishes are non-toxic, smoke and humidity-resistant

Idea Yellowpine

A precious and tasteful kitchen, thanks to the Yellowpine veneering. The wood grains are evident in natural finishes as well as in the coloured ones, creating a pleasant contrast that exalts the beauty of this material. Besides the 16 current finishes, it is possible to choose among the sample ones.


Glossy lacquered

Matt lacquered