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Pioneering instinct. Trendy boost. Exhortation of talent. Intellectual atelier.

Pioneering instinct

Beauty show, expression of elegance. Sara brings out the charm of your kitchen through the contrast of materials. The contrast between anthracite and white is stressed in the elements and then suspended in the finishof the natural knotty worktop. The public manifesto of your art in the kitchen.

Trendy boost

The revolutionary habitat of your kitchen rises into the path of the multiple perspectives of Sara. The voids volumes of the open elements are joined to the verticality of the wall cabinets while the peninsula creates movement and expands itself overlooking the fitted wall.
The distinctive motion of your creativity in the kitchen.

Exhortation of talent

The creativity takes shape through the soft colors of Sara’s composition. Essential elements with linear shapes are arranged in a single wall to enhance the exposure of your creations in the depths of its warmer tones.
The formal furnishing cleaning or linearity.

Intellectual atelier

The basic shapes of Sara design an environment warmed by the Saffron nuance. A hug opens up welcoming the inspiration of an imaginative daily life within the walls of your kitchen. The exemplary laboratory of your brilliance at the stove.



Matt lacquered