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Contemporary heart. Classic style.


Solid wood doors are put in contact with new materials and finishes, so that the timeless appeal of the solid wood can have a dialogue with functional design. Our R&D department develops elements and details highlighting the accuracy of the manufacturing process and the preciousness of the crafted interventions through elegant and current lines. Multiple ingredients for a single recipe: refined kitchens for ambiances and lifestyles to be lived every day with your family. This is Sofia, contemporary heart, classic style.

Sofia Patinated

Carved doors, functional under-cabinet elements, english style glass doors: these are the refined details that illuminate a composition of great impact with composite volumes.
The handles follow the shape of the doors thanks to a touch of original design, while table and chairs, matched with the finishes of the kitchen, enhance the tone and the peculiarities of the wood.
The comfortable handy storage compartment inserted in the hood enhances the feeling of warmth ,and practicality without sacrificing the aesthetics.
Broken lines, double corners and raised floors for a composition where dynamism is the main characteristic. The use of the laminated worktop both in the peninsula and in the back panel hob combined with the vintage aspect of the patinated finishing, shows how to match beauty and modernity in the management of daily life.

Sofia Pickled

Strong personality and taste for a wooden kitchen with pickled rope finishing which brightens with formal elegance the entire composition. Conceived to be lived with the greatest freedom also by large families, with bases and glass wall units which enhance the symmetrical lines present in the column for oven.
A country-inspired solution for an ambience of appreciable balance. The advanced cooking unit is framed by the bases to allow a rational organization of spaces. The panel with veins increases the feeling of warmth and comfort as well as the open element, able to donate colour and vibrancy through the everyday objects.

Sofia wood color

An extensive and sophisticated composition that mixes warm and enveloping tints for a setting of great contemporary impact. The carvings and the characteristic grate of the sink bottom act as opposition to the design of the utensil rail for a refined taste.
Stylish soul with country tints for a composition with large corner column and advanced solid block with onion feet, revisited vintage detail. Plate rack and sink base are ennobled thanks to the grate, timeless classic, and to the symmetry of the carved doors.




Wood essences