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Think up to a kitchen room as welcoming and flexible.


Think up to a kitchen room as welcoming and flexible. Eva is the project in the versatile modularity and completely customized, thanks to the several range finishing selection of Eva color versions.

Strong materials shaped carefully: door solid walnut hard thickness (24mm), hand-crafted details, items with big capacity make Eva as a great functionality kitchen. Feel free to do everything in kitchen: the pantry tall-unit has the maximum corner depth and become cupboard or laundry corner, the tall-unit band finely worked with extractable baskets inside. Originally designed, the ending tall-unit with open frame and glass shelves for collection items has wide capacity.

Eva bianco antico

Tradition and balance for the Eva color with door solid wood (th. 24 mm) in white color finished very elegant and shading black, for a timeless style. Modern contents in a classical concept: grating glasses and old silver finished han- dle designed for capacity and order, the big island composition with Okite white absolute is the perfect solution as worktop, table and snack shelf.

Eva Rosso Cina

Traditional and modern in the red China color finished with shading black is the orig- inal result for a never common kitchen. Comfortably detailed for a modern style: wall-cabinet with hood inside and upper shaped band, lower basket is shaped com- bined. It is complete with table and chairs in the same finish.

Eva color – Sea water

Sea water finished walnut shading is delicate and well-according fitted for everyone who loves precious things. A detailed and carefully composition: hood, worktop and back panel in tiles are well-combined to the wall-painted elements with niches and shelves door color. Interesting combination also for base with extractable baskets in tiles, shaped drawers and wall-cabinet filler bands.

Eva color – Old Beige

The lighting old beige with walnut shading seems to have the freshness of nature and it is a good color solution making the compo- sition better. Una soluzione che esalta la bellezza della composizione. An accurate project has to be detailed in each item: the laminate top is well-shaped with solid edge, ending wall-cabinets with grating glasses and the precious oven-fitted has shaped bands with extractable baskets, with same hood decoration.