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Sira kitchen Vittoria


Timeless beauty to live.

Black Baroque

The wonder, the desire to amaze: the Baroque, the art of the magnitude.Black Baroque,for a new aesthetics of beauty.

Friezes, capitals and decorations are included in a rich and immersive architectural environment created to offer an experience that can renew itself every day.
A composition conceived on different levels of use. The anthracite finish with its vintage silver effect creates a noble atmospheres that don’t renounce on more contemporary elements, like the peninsula and the large baskets of the base. The glamour mood is emphasized by artisan solutions, capable of transmitting feelings of precious taste.

The advanced part of the cooking area is framed by a portico with a turned element. High impact solution that dialogues with the marble worktop reaching a seductive and shiny result.

The peninsula, heart of the house, has important details: finely carved columns and a wide worktop with integrated sink, good to live the kitchen at the top. Terminal column of the cooking base, sophisticated and with aesthetic inserts in harmony with the handles, synthesis of the Italian creativity.

White Corinthian

The Corinthian style. The elegance of the ornament, the symmetry and the proportions: inspirations for White Corinthian.

Large spaces and classical decor: an ideal solution for large and sophisticated environments with luxurious details. The white colour is enhanced by the silver in a tireless search for the rigor of the forms. The column block is enlarged to contain a part of the working area, topped by cornices and wide windows with inglesina. Perfection and accurate design in its singular elements, an intriguing tribute to the ancient tradition that comes alive in all its splendor.

Coordinated and selected accessories to highlight features like the frame that adorns the table profile or the natural plot which marks the back of the chair. Extractable columns decorated with pilasters fluted shaft and acanthus leaves, in homage to marble sculptures to reach a balance between use and harmony.
The worktop with silver solid edge is in tune with the rich workmanship of the frame and with precious inserts of the jewel handle.

Roman Gold

The golden age, or rather the Augustan period, is a paradigm of the classic era. Roman Gold, our origins, our style horizon.

Composite proposal with ordered geometries of great symmetry and rigor: equipped columns, doors with carved frame and the central panel in cream colour make the atmosphere warm and comfortable. The wide breakfast bar is an attractive and evocative solution, embellished by the decorations of its sinuous profiles and the double sink at the center. An environment that includes an intimate and lively dimension, where you will find the shiny aesthetics and the gold nuance.

The chimney hood with carves inspired by the ancient tradition is made regal by two blocks with worked terminal capitals and a wide solid wood backpanel. The hob bases hide convenient baskets designed to store the everyday objects. Functionality at the service of refinement. The handle with gold finish and its interweaving recalls the myths and legends of classical era and is ennobled by the presence of Swarovski.

Walnut Sculpture

Transmit emotions and pathos with fine materials such as marble or wood. Touch the soul of things. Thus, Walnut Sculpture was born.

Wood is the star of the collection, the true sovereign of the kitchen: its shades and allure are enhanced and enriched by the golden thread processing. Carvings and decorations create a play of volumes and depth that enclose the linearity of the composition to a molded creation full of care and attention. The double wall units and the bases around the worktop reinforce the solidity of the style, creating scenarios to be lived with the atmosphere typical of a manor house and of a cottage.

The drawers with glass element multiply the available spaces without sacrificing the aesthetic touch given by the curved profile doors both in the bases and in the wallunits above the sink. The golden reflections are mixed with the enveloping fascination of the walnut wood, creating an unique light-dark effect that is a clear reference to the productions of the Italian neoclassical era. The carving of the recessed hood reveals the mastery of handcraft work: the lion, symbol of power and authority, shows his face in a series of figurative elements made with extreme care.